How To Remove Urine From Microfiber Couch

This article is a listing of a dozen different products to help you make the difficult task of finding a solution to eliminate urine odors and stains in your home easier. With tips on how to remove urine from various materials, like carpets, couches, and curtains.

Urine Removing Methods

There’s really only a few things that you can use to remove urine from microfiber couch. The first and most effective method is washing it with bleach, if you have access to this easily. The problem with this, however, is that your dog will still smell it and will come back to the spot in a very short period of time. You’ll have to wash all of your blankets, sheets, and clothes. After this, the least-effective way is using something absorbent like baking soda, cornstarch, or saw dust.

Avoiding a Messy Cleanup

All day protection cushioning, save your furniture, by removing urine stains with nearly any detergent on the market. All the properties of your favorite detergent will work to remove even the most stubborn stains with a simple wipe-down. Use dry cleaning fluid and oxygen bleach; this will lift stains brilliantly, holding them in place while they air dry quickly in all directions. Remove as much of the cleaner from the fabric as possible, especially from permanent fabrics and areas that show frequent use or wear like upholstery.

How to Remove Urine from Microfiber Couch

To remove the urine from your microfiber couch, first identify which color of sofa is pee. Sprinkle baking soda onto an area and use a broom to help soak up the residue. Next, sprinkle white vinegar on one side of the stain, then if needed add baking soda. Apply a second coat of vinegar and allow it to react. After the first coat has had time to dry, apply a second coat on top of it. Then let that dry too before using a third coat on top of all three dry layers. Finally, wash off with cold water and vacuum again.

Tips for Cleaning Microfiber

After news emerged that children were using a microfiber couch for pottytime, some of the urine-soaked cushions have created an epidemic within households state-wide. With cleanliness in mind, here’s a guide on how to clean up urine stains and odors from a pet or person on a microfiber couch.


After going to the laundry room and fetching its biggest towel, I proceeded to scrub it down as well as possible. However, I soon found that despite my best efforts, urine just wouldn’t wipe out completely. For a cleaner, more hygienic finish, drinking water combined with a pump of hydrogen peroxide was necessary.

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