How To Remove A Stuck Boat Propeller

Stuck boat propellers can be a serious issue when you’re out on the water and need to properly maneuver your vessel. With this article, find out how to easily remove a stuck propeller with three simple steps!

What is a Boat Prop?

Boat propellers are one of the few things that function in every single vessel. They propel boats and also assist with steering. However, there is a downside to this as well. A speck of dust or a finger left on the blade can make them cranky. Boat props don’t like a lot of humidity and dust, so it pays to clean your propeller from time to time to ensure its smooth sailing for you.

What to do if Your Boat Prop Won’t Move

One reason a propeller may not rotate is because it is stuck in the water. In this case, your best bet is to push on the propeller from underneath the boat until you feel it start to move. Next, try pulling the propeller out using rope, chain, or towels before submerging it deeper and pushing it back in.

How To Remove A Stuck Boat Prop

If the boat propeller gets stuck and is limiting movement, it can be removed in three different ways. The first is by unscrewing the bulkhead by removing screwdriver while turning the propeller sideways. This allows water to pass through the prop and push it out of the way. If a second try fails to dislodge a propeller, grab a hammer or mallet and pound on the blades. Finally, floating debris can be placed near the propeller motor that spins rope horizontally in order to push on it from below with each rotation until water pressure forces it out of position.

Step by step guide to remove a stuck Boat Propeller

When your boat leaves the water, it’s propellers aren’t working, and you have no other choice but to remove them. This can be a difficult process if you don’t know how to remove the prop from the propeller. Here are some tips for how to get it out:

Tips and tricks

There are not many boat propellers that can easily be unscrewed. And when there are, it may be difficult to remove because of all the barnacle growth on the propeller, as well as the location they’re attached in. Fortunately, there is a trick you can use where you place a leather glove over the part of the propeller where it is attached and swing your hand back and forth in one motion to loosen the threads without much effort.


Once the boats propeller was removed, the people were able to flip the boat back upright. A good note is that a bigger blade may have been better for this job.

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