How To Remove Brush From Hoover Carpet Cleaner

This article is a discussion on how to properly unclog the vacuum cleaner’s vacuum tube so that instead of buying another one, consumers can solve their own issues at home. This is an unusual solution to a problem which is often addressed by replacement and repair shops.

How to remove the brush from a Hoover cleaner

A Hoover vacuum cleaner contains a brush that dust particles and dirt come entangled in. Make sure that the brush is removed and the bristles are not touching carpet when you are cleaning, which could harm the carpet. There are at least two ways to remove brush from Hoover cleaners: flipping it onto its side, or using a drop of nail polish remover.

Things to consider when removing the brush

It can be hard to remove the brush from your Hoover cleaner. Here are a few things you should consider before cleaning:

What products can I use after removing the brush?

Removing the brush can be a tedious task. Just so you know, Hoover claims that in 99% of cases, the brush will come out just right with some rubbing and pulling. The remaining 1% requires using a new brush. To prevent accidents, it is advisable to spray the area before using the Hoover cleaner at all times to prevent any unwanted accidents.


Most homeowners have four basic choices when it comes to brush removal methods. They can find a solution online, call a Hoover savvy friend, use the Hoover web site’s guidelines for general clean-up, or bring out the certified electrical pry bar and attack the ends of each hair off individually by hand. The best method may vary depending on the individual situation and number of carpets involved in an area.

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