How To Remove Paint From Plastic Window Frames

“Theresa loves her new window frames. The only trouble is that she can’t remove the paint after painting.” What a dilemma! Plastic windows frames are often easy to paint, but taking difficult stains off make this task so complicated. The pros and cons of hand-painted and machine-generated content will be covered in detail with an overview at the end, but beware – this blog post had a lot of misinformation about these topics until I created clear instructions for removing any type of paint from plastic window frames. See below for a download that you can use to test on your own plastic windows frames:

The Best Way to Remove Paint from Window Frames

There are a few options to remove paint from window frames without damaging the frame. One option is to use Murphy’s Oil Soap and a clean cloth. Apply pressure in one area of the frame to soften the oil, scrub, and then rinse with warm water so that any debris will come off. Another solution is to use an X-acto knife or razor blade. After removing the paint, ensure that the frame is completely dry before turning it back on its hinges and replacing again.

How To Remove Paint From Plastic Window Frames

There are many different ways that people go about removing paint from their plastic window frames, but one of the most common methods is using a steam cleaner. As long as you follow the instructions carefully, it is not too difficult to do and will result in a much cleaner job. Unfortunately, this method also results in some hard-to-reach areas like inside corners.

What Other Materials Can Be Used for Removing Paint

Depending on the level of paint you want to remove and the material that you’re using to remove it, you need to find out what other things you can use. Some people would use a scouring pad, some would use toothpaste. Another idea is scrubbing with a wire brush.


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