How To Remove Oil Stains From Silk Saree

We all know owning silk clothes can be pricey, but that is one of the luxuries you get when you buy a silk saree! However, even this cool fabric needs an occasional cleaning to remove stains and maintain its beauty. On Tuesday, Arte India welcomed certified brown soap maker Harika Chandra with a demonstration on how to clean your silk saree.

What is Silk?

Silk is fully resistant to lint, dander and dirt. It is fairly easy to clean with soap and water or a natural cleaner. For other stain removal options, try CLR, Oxi-Clean Part A or B with white vinegar, dishwasher soap and acetic acid (vinegar plus granulated salt). To prevent the oil stains from setting in on silk, blot it dry after each cleaning with a towel.

How to Remove Oil Stains From Silk

Almost all fabrics, including silk, can be stained by oil. But through a variety of techniques and products, both natural and non-natural things that you can get from your kitchen, you can remove the oil stain from your cloth.

How To Prevent Oil Stains from Occuring in the Future

Are you tired of the stubborn stains left from a bit of spilled oil? All it takes is one simple step to prevent those unsightly splotches all over your silk saree. Simply wash the blouse and skirt, but for those really greasy spots, use soap that contains Dawn dishwashing liquid and rinse thoroughly. Next, make sure to dry your clothing as quickly as possible for best results. After all that hard work, take it back to its original shape and surprise yourself by how well the garment held up!


The most effective way to remove oil stains from silk saree is by using bicarbonate of soda. The pH level of the soda, when mixed in water, turns the stain into a foam. A mild form of alkali solution which is found in nature removes the whole by changing its form.

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