How To Remove Peanut Oil From Clothes

You spill peanut oil on a towel before using it, and now, it’s really hard to clean up. Here’s how to remove that sticky oil in 3 easy steps!

The Problem

Peanut oil is hard for clothes to wash out and can stain them permanently. It is also very difficult to remove because it sticks so well to clothes. To get rid of the oils, try adding cinnamon or baking soda to your washing machine load. Put your clothes in the washer, turn on the hot water, and then add a quarter or half cup of each. Use the heavy setting on your washing machine and wash the clothing with detergent as usual.

How To Remove Peanut Oil From Clothes

The more oil you put in your clothes, it can just make the situation worse. Instead, try using dish soap and a paper towel to remove some of the oil while rinsing your clothes. If that doesn’t do the trick, run them through the washer with some baking soda and vinegar. Once they are clean again, you can use dryer sheets on both sides of want dry your shirt.

Ingredients to use

So you have gone to the store and bought a large jar of peanut oil. You think this is great because it is a very cheap price and you are never wrong when you go to your local dollar store. Just as you were about to get back in your car, your wife tells you that she read online that peanut oil can be quite hard to remove from clothes and fabrics.

Instructions on How To Remove Peanut Oil From Clothes

The oily residue may be a result of spilled peanut butter, as well as cooking in peanut oil. It can easily be removed with water and soap-, whether by hand or machine washing will help the process.


I wear a lot of dark clothes, and I just finished washing my favorite tweed blazer that I bought at Talbots. Maybe it was because the oil flaked away so easily, but when I tried to take it out to dry I found some issues. Watch my How To Remove Peanut Oil From Clothes video or read the post for a review of the technique.

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