How To Remove Paintball Stains From Clothes

In the world of paintball, there could be only black, blue and red. Those three colors can obscure a number of things – play fields and camouflage alike – so you have to know how to get your paint off! Luckily for us all, we have the ways and means to manage those staining activities. One thing that may raise some eyebrows is wearing what you just cleaned yourself: a lot of people only use one half load of laundry soap; but will stain-removal still work?

Learn how to remove paintball stains from clothes

With a little bit of patience and the right cleaning solutions, paintball stains can easily be removed from clothes. Step one is to soak the clothing in cold water with mild soap for 15 minutes. Repeat step two as needed. With some pre-planning, this process should take about an hour for every stain.

Tips for removing paintball stains from clothing

Paintball stain removal can be daunting, especially if the paintball is still fresh. There are several ways you can remove the paintball, but they are all time-consuming since they require a lot of scrubbing and patience. For instance, some people have had success by submerging their clothing in a tank or swimming pool, soaking it for up to one week until the paint has come out from between the fibers of the clothes.

Pros and Cons of using hair dryer to remove paintball stains

Removing paintball stains from clothes can be achieved in a variety that work well for different methods. Now, it is possible to use hair dryers for removing these stains without having to get your clothes cleaned professionally. Hair dryers work quickly and easily remove paintball marks from most types of cloth zippers and do so without leaving behind any residue.


Using bleach, lemon juice, and water, it is possible remove the paintball stains from clothes. First, add one-third of a cup of bleach to the stain and let it sit for a few minutes. Thereafter, use plenty of water and lemon juice to rinse the shirt. Next, submerge the shirt into a container filled with white vinegar. Leave it be for an hour or two on top of a dry cloth. Finally, wash the shirt using cold or warm water to remove odors and any remaining stain remnants.

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