How To Remove Hydro Dip Spray Paint

Hydro dipping is quickly becoming a popular and growing method of marking steel. This process isn’t as easy to remove as you might think, so follow these steps to fix solvent-based paint on your external surfaces.

How to Remove Hydro Dip Spray Paint

Hydro dip can be removed by scrubbing the area with enough force to remove paint particles and water. After the area has been cleaned, it is necessary to dry it. It can also be removed with citrus soaked rags.

Elements that make Hydro Dip Spray Paint Odorless

Hydro Dip Spray Paint is a paint that does not contain any odor. However, removing this paint can be very difficult because it adheres to itself and other surfaces extremely well. The best way to remove this paint is by using a vehicle scrubber with PVC bristles designed specifically for this task.

Problems With Hydro Dip Spray Paint Removers

Hydro dip spray paint is a special type of paint and no remover, such as household cleaners or tools, can remove it. When you have finished creating a piece of artwork that’s been spray painted in this way, you will need to sand down the affected area to remove the hydro dip layer of paint.

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