How To Remove Road Salt From Concrete Garage Floor

The article includes a step-by-step tutorial for removing last residue of road salt before you finish your garage floor makeover. It also links to additional resources, including a video series that provides even more detailed instructions. The blog author recommends using a vacuum cleaner with a long hose attachment in combination with your shovel or broom – this old standard of tools can take valuable time out the process.

Clean the Floor

There are a few ways of removing the salt from your garage floor, but be warned: it requires at least two hours of work.

Mopping and Applying a Coating

When the roads become icy, it will be tough to scrub the salt off of your garage floor with a broom. This can cause corrosion and rust if left untreated. To start this process, begin to sweep the water off of your concrete garage floor. Then, use a wet/dry sand or concrete wash mop to remove excess salt from the surface. After that, apply an acid-free mixture of spackling compound over your garage floor in any indentations. Spackling compound is commonly made from cement, water, and fine clay particles (which makes it an ideal substance for drying out wet surfaces). If there are significant cracks or holes on the sides of your garage walls that need filling, then you will need to use a spackling compound specifically marketed for wall sealing jobs.

Sealant Overlay

A garage floor covered in salt damages the concrete. The best way to prevent this is to cover the scratched up areas with sealant. It not only preserves the garage floor but bonds it so water can’t penetrate through. Sealant overlay dries quickly, so it offers a long-lasting solution for repairing a garage floor.


Cleaning up road salt is difficult and should be attempted swiftly to avoid damaging the concrete. The best way to remove the salt from concrete is with a good scraper. After scraping, you can use a sanded duster brush or even fresh leaves to dry the area and then buff it with a clean cloth. Once you are done with this step, doing a gloss coat will protect against further salt stains on top of your work.

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