How To Remove Calamine Lotion From Skin

Here is a step by step process to remove calamine lotion from skin. If you are not keen on using soap and water, then this article might be for you!

How to Remove Calamine Lotion From Skin

The first step in removing Calamine Lotion from your skin is to wash your hands with soap. The second step is to pat the affected area dry with a towel. The next step is to use an alcohol-based solvent, such as rubbing alcohol, to remove any remaining Calamine Lotion from the skin and hair. To avoid getting any on yourself, it’s best to do this outside or in an area where no one will be exposed.

Alternative Solutions

The first solution that many people will think of is soap and water. While this may remove the skin irritation, the heat added to the soap will release formaldehyde gas. You can also use baby oil, although this will cause rather porous skin.


After trying everything under the sun to get rid of skin irritation, like washing, changing clothes, taking showers but it was never enough. The time came when I decided to just stop washing my legs for maybe even a month or two months. Each day I would still have an issue with dry skin and pimples but at least the calamine lotion was gone!

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