How To Remove Pulley From Water Pump

One task that can cause a lot of headache is when you’re removing the pulley from a water pump. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to remove the pulley without getting yourself into serious trouble!

What are pulleys?

Pulleys are sectors or wheels with a band around them that work as an axle. It is composed of a wheel and its associated wheel hub, which are mounted on an extension Shaft. The pulleys can have tension in the band, or they can also have cams which allow it to rotate a shaft. They are used over hydraulic cylinders which control the movement of a load like a ship’s engines or locomotives.

How to remove a pulley from a water pump

How often have you ever needed to remove a pulley from a water pump? If you have done this, it is a bit tricky. If you have not done this yet, use the guide below to learn how it’s done.

How to prevent a future pulley removal

There are several ways to deal with pulley removal such as wear or corrosion


It was really difficult to remove the pulley because it is a lot smaller than the pump, so you need to use strong and flexible tools.

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