How To Remove Overgrown Ornamental Grass

Get rid of that boring and overgrown bed of your ornamental grass! Learn how to remove that pesky overgrowth in this article

What is the Problem

For reasons that are unknown, a homeowner may notice that their landscaping has become overgrown to the point where it is diminishing the look of their house. They may need to remove overgrown ornamental grass such as peroxisome. The best tool for the job would be a weed eater powered by an engine with a medium to high speed setting. Weeds will quickly be cut down with the aid of this tool before they can grow again.

Grass Types Description

Grass can grow all over pictures, statues and posts outside of homes. Not only is this a hazard for falling, but it creates an unsightly view. There are several types of grasses that prefer different conditions. By identifying the type of grass you need to remove, your garden will look better and last longer.

Identification of Overgrown Ornamental Grass

Many people live in busy cities where they cannot have an expansive yard. Or, some people just simply don’t want to work hard to keep up their yards. However, what many forget is the potential harm they are doing by not taking care of their lawns. If a lawn goes unchecked, the ivy and wild flowers will grow and can take over your lawn. If you need to remove long stems of ivy that are too tall for your hanging baskets, pull them out when they are still young and try cutting them back with blunt scissors.

Removing Overgrown Ornamental Grass

To remove any type of grass, either by mowing it or cutting it, you need a pair of clippers and a bucket to collect the cuttings. If the grass is a common variety like St. Augustine, you can remove the clippings with a rake. Rake in vertical strips across the surface of the grass to remove as much of the root system as possible without digging.

Preventing It From Returning

Grass that has been growing for several years can be incredibly hard to remove. In fact, the longer that it has grown and the more dense it is, the harder it will be to remove. If you don’t want that to happen again, there are a few ways that you can prevent it from returning.

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