How To Remove Water From Fuel Tank On A Boat

Water and fuel sloshing into the tank is a difficult to solve issue for boat owners. Not only does it cause a bigger issue that could lead to expensive repairs, but it also makes using the engine more of an inconvenience. Luckily, there are solutions like high-quality fuel additive that can easily be applied to the water entering your tank.

What is The Problem?

One of the most common problems that boaters face is water contamination in their fuel tanks. The two simple methods for removing water from your fuel tank are opening up the engine compartments and draining the sloshing system.

Who Should Do This Job

Boaters can unscrew the filler cap from their boat’s fuel tank to remove water, but this is not a task for kids. If you are not sure whether your vessel requires extra weight in the forebody, and have someone onboard who knows how to do it, use them and send them down below to get wet. Adult supervision is always good when handling fuel or any other flammable substance.

Why Does It Happen

Most boaters know that filling a boat’s fuel tank with water will cause a spill. Water into the tank causes it to float and interfere with other boats and parts of the boat that are below water, such as the engine room. But some boaters don’t know why exactly this happens and what other ways may be available for removing water from the fuel tank.

What Can Be Done To Remove Water From Fuel Tank On A Boat

If your boat has freshwater tanks, you may drop water into them during flooding. While you can use a leaf blower to remove it, for example, the most effective way to clear out all of the water is by using a degaussing device. If there is saltwater in your fuel tank, on the other hand, it will absorb the freshwater and create deposits on the inside walls of the tank that will lower fuel efficiency….

How To Remove Water From Fuel Tank On A Boat

Exterior drinking fountains are handy on a boat, but there is always the possibility that some water may have infiltrated the fuel tank. If this happens, here are four methods for clearing the fuel system. Before you start, make sure your boat’s bilge pump is working and that you’re in a safe location with ample ground clearance.

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