How To Remove Laser Engraving From Stainless Steel

Zandee works as a laser technician with an awesome band. Her hands are stained with chemicals, oil, and salt because of all the jobs she’s done for her company help clear up tattoos at various events. On the weekends, she gives herself ‘treatments’ that remove her tattoos or causes scratches and then lets those scars heal. What soap is fantastic for scrubs and body washes but wouldn’t you like to safely remove a tattoo at home? I’m glad you asked!

What is laser engraving and what other methods are available?

Laser engraving (also called laser marking) is the process of using a high-intensity beam of light to insert small lines into a metallic surface, most commonly steel. The lines are generally engraved using a computer-controlled machine that ensures a smooth, continuous pattern. Although the benefits to laser engraving include accuracy and hardness that makes it more durable than steel plating or having grooves drilled into it, there are potential side effects to consider as well. For example, lasers can potentially shine though glass whenever it comes into contact with the metal (but this should not be a concern if you are purchasing these items for use as jewelry). Furthermore, lasers can also damage solar cells and other electronics when used in close proximity.

How to remove laser engraving from stainless steel

If you are looking for a way to remove unwanted laser engraving from stainless steel, there are many easy and cheap ways to do it. Cotton pads, vinegar, salt, lemon juice, and mineral-based cleaners can also be used in place of some of the more harmful chemical approaches such as paint stripper.

Which method is best for removing unwanted engravings on stainless steel surfaces?

When you accidentally splash some water on your stainless steel refrigerator or a client uses you careless with heavy duty paper towels, you may have a dilemma. The images in the metal are permanent and it isn’t uncommon for them to be left behind with unsightly scars. In many cases, the only solution is to extract the image from the metal by using one of several different methods. Some of these methods include vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, acetone, or boiling water.


There are many effective and affordable ways to remove laser engraving that has been done on stainless steel. One method is by using a potato. The peel of the potato will remove most of the engraving, leaving metallic flakes on it’s skin. Another way to remove laser engraving is by boiling it over water. When the water boils, steam will dissolve chemical residues when the material contacts them and this will wash away some of the surface engraved areas. Another method that a lot of people use is by dipping the stainless steel in a bathtub filled with vinegar, salt water, or Coca-Cola.

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