How To Remove Wrinkles In Vinyl Pool Liner

Vinyl pool liners can prevent many problems in swimming pools, but sometimes there are wrinkles or bubbles that the liner just can’t get rid of. Fortunately there is a solution for time-challenged people–math!

What are vinyl pool liners

Vinyl pool liners are not just for outdoor pools and spas. They also make great interior design features in rooms with that classic “curb appeal.” An added bonus to vinyl pool liners is the fact that they are low maintenance.

How to remove wrinkles on vinyl pool liners

To remove wrinkles from a vinyl liner, start by turning the liner inside-out so that the shiny side is facing up. Wash it or hose it off to get rid of any dirt and debris. After rinsing, turn it right-side-out to expose clean side. Let dry before using in your pool.

Why is it important to remove wrinkles in vinyl pool liner

When you think about putting vinyl pool liner down in your pool, you will undoubtedly imagine a smooth surface. However, you will also start to imagine wrinkles and bubbles around every corner and throughout the water of your pool. Some people have been told not to remove these wrinkles, citing that filling them all in again would void the warranty and ruin the material. This is far from true, as all that covering is actually just creating more imperfections, like scratches on a car made by removing all the paint.

How to remove wrinkles from vinyl pool liner

Vinyl pool liners are heavy, sliding, and can provide added protection for your pool. If you want to make it look new again, you are going to want professional help. There are several ways that you can remove the wrinkles from the vinyl that cause unsightly patches over time. Some of these methods will just require a little scrubbing with a sponge and soap while other methods need more serious cleanup like an acid wash or sandblasting. Either way, getting rid of this pesky problem will be well worth the extra effort needed


Many pool owners wonder how to remove wrinkles from vinyl pools. There are many ways to remove wrinkles, depending on their type. In fact, the only thing that you can do is to try different methods and see what works best. You may want to try using a personal hair dryer, hot air gun, or wearing them with coats in hot water.

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