How To Remove Jeep Liberty Door Panel

Wanting to take your Jeep Liberty 3 door panel off without causing any damage? This User-Manual gives instructions on how to remove and replace the door panels without difficulty.

What is a door panel?

This can be a difficult process to complete by yourself. The best advice would be to take your car to the mechanic first. If you have done this and still need help, a YouTube video may be able to give you helpful information on how to get it done. Otherwise, calling the dealership might be able to help you out in person.

Steps to remove the door panel

To remove the door panel, you will need a 12mm wrench and a 10mm wrench. Find both wrenches at the top of the door frame. Gently pry the old nuts off without tugging too hard since they are stuck to the plastic surrounding them. Replace any screws with new ones. Now use your needle nose pliers to grab each edge of your rubber trim as it pops out. Gently peel away from the door moving in one direction so as not to crack or damage anything important in there.

Tips for reattaching a door panel to the Jeep Liberty

To keep your Jeep Liberty running smoothly, it’s helpful to be able to smooth out the process of removing and replacing a door panel in the case of maintenance.


To remove the door panel, blow out the dust and dirt. Then use a cloth to pull the panel away from the rubber seals. There are two velcro straps that need to be undone at the top and bottom of the panel in order for it to slide out of place. Once one is undone, push until it’s all the way off. Then take a soft cloth and wipe down both sides of the door panel and all around the rubber seals before re-installing back on

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