How To Remove Motorcycle Gas Tank

Unlike bigger cars like SUVs, vans, and trucks, gasoline tanks in motorcycles are exposed on the outside of the frame. This can expose potential dangers for riders including a leaking tank and unintended accidents with loose parts on the road. Ranging from showing how to remove the gas tank from your motorcycle to providing safety precautions for riders that want to remove their gas tanks themselves, this article provides you with detailed instructions that make taking down your gas tank quick and painless!

Overview of the Motorcycle Gas Tank

Motorcycle gas tanks usually take up one side of the motorcycle. Gently remove the filler cap/capillary on the tank. Remove the metal slat and plastic cap which are usually located around a quarter of an inch down. Afterwards, release washer if it is there and pull off float stop plug (if equipped) with needle nose pliers.

The Hardware

Motorcycles typically have a gas tank on the side. There is a chain-lock assembly and either a chain that you put around the motorcycle’s seat or just around the frame. It will close when you turn it to take it from securing the tank to opening it up.

The Software

There are many software packages designed to fit into a motorcycle’s gas tank that increase the likelihood of theft, or other nefarious acts, like fueling people or boosting motorcycles. Most software packages claim to be able to make copies of garage openers, high performance chips, and other important parts and sell them online. Unfortunately these items can’t just be removed with a piece of wire and an Eraser’s Magic Slate.

Removing your Gas Tank

Getting gas is one process that you don’t have to worry about when you have a motorcycle. Almost every model will have a small hole that provides fuel for the engine. You may want to replace or remove the gas tank if aesthetics are important to you or if you run out of space in your storage.


The process for removing the gas tank is much easier than you might think. There really is just one wrench that you will need in order to complete this task and it can be found at any hardware store. However, never take your motorcycle without the fuel tank installed when storing it because fuel can leak from a hidden orifice and cause damage to the engine.

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