How To Remove Engraving From Wood

Whether your wood objects are in their delicate initial state or have been used for years, you may need to know how to remove engraved lettering from the wood before beginning your next project. In this blog article, you will learn about three ways that work for removing engraved letters and numbers from a piece of wood

What is Engraving?

Engraving is a visually appealing method of decoration. Many people use it on tables, in photo frames, on gates, and more recently some have even engraved their food. The process works by cutting into the surface, creating a detailed design onto the wood. From there, the etchings are removed with sand paper or scrapers.

How Do I Remove Engraving From Furniture?

There’s nothing like an engraving to make a piece of furniture special and unique. However, there may come a time when you want to remove an engraving from that piece of furniture. If you’ve ever sat at the foot of a bed and looked up at the urns on top and thought, “I want to paint them but don’t really want some paint getting on this,” then you know how imperative it is to first remove all the etching before you even think about painting. There are many ways to remove engraving without permanently damaging your furniture. In this article, we will provide step-by-step solutions for just one way.

Types of Materials That Can Be Used To Remove Engraving

There are various types of materials that can be used in order to remove engraving from any wooden surface. One type of material that can be particularly effective is a Dremel. This powerful tool will allow you to smooth down an area in order to make it more flat again. Other materials that can be effective include sandpaper, dent pullers, and steel brushes. These tools can help you work on larger areas as well as provide more time for results if you don’t have the power of a Dremel handy.

Professions Who Use Engraving Tools

There are many professions that use engraving tools because it is inexpensive to produce a personal or company product with a nice custom engraved design. Using an engraving tool is easy and requires minimal skill.


When engraving your wood with a laser, you should be sure to blow away the fuzz with compressed air so it doesn’t stick to the surface. This will help make your engraving much more visible and crisp. Then apply two coats of clear coat using an airbrush compressor.

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