How To Remove Rust From Old Keys

Beside use outdoors and that all keys will rust, anyone who has gardened knows about these big icky piles of rusty key rings. Here’s some news for you – those jagged rusty flakes can cause a lot of damage to your houseplants! Let’s talk about how to get rid of rust on keys, so you can save your plants from being eaten away by it.

How to Remove Rust From Old Keys

One thing that can be difficult to get rid of is rust, especially if it has begun to take over the entire key. If you prefer not to buy a new key, below are some ways you can remove the rust on yours.

Removing the rust from around your key

When you have key that are rusty, the best thing to do is remove the rust by wet sanding them with fine grit sandpaper. Sand the entire surface of the key and then use a wire brush to remove any remaining rust. Afterwards, you should patch up any holes in your key using a matching material.

What products can be used to remove rust

There are many household items that can be used to remove rust from old keys. As soon as the rust starts to accumulate, it’s time to start using another easily available option. Some people encourage cleaning the rusted key with soap and water and then using a paste of baking soda and water, while others say that this method is ineffective at best and even harmful to the key at worst. Solutions like vinegar and lemon juice can also work wonders in removing rust on metal handles. Other ingredients that have been suggested include peanut butter, lysol spray, toothpaste, crushed eggshells, ground vanilla beans, grape seed oil, olive oil, and vegetable oil.

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