How To Remove Gum From A Car

Have you ever been in a situation where you had gum (or something else sticky) stuck to the bottom of your shoe? With the help of these three simple tips, you’ll no longer be among the unlucky few.

What Is Gum?

Gum is been used for centuries to hold food in place during chewing or as a way of amusing oneself and others. However, it does not take long before gum gets everywhere and you never know when the next little bit will get stuck under your car’s floor mat. The best way to remove gum from cars is by using a wet cloth. Unfortunately, some people, who don’t want their cars messed up, chew gum that has gained its adhesive properties with other items and have no easy way to remove the gum apart from using toothpaste. If you are one of these people, charge some toothpaste and use it with cold water down the power station before flushing your mouth out in order to clean out the drain.

Remove chewing gum from a car

Many consumers have the habit of chewing gum while driving. While gum itself is not hazardous, other objects that are held in your hand while you chew can hit other cars on the road and spray saliva on them, creating a sticky haze. To get rid of gum in your windshield and windscreen, use a glob of spit to draw it into a ball around the wiper’s handle. Blow the window out with all your might; expect a juicy, spongy mess at the center of your car for removal.

Get rid of chewing gum on walls, windows and doors

In addition to being hard to scrape off, chewing gum keeps building up on surfaces. This builds up faster than you can ever imagine. So, if you have a problem with chewing gum, it’s time to get rid of it.

Cleaning gum stains

Gum left on the car can get messy, almost as sticky and difficult to clean as it is to remove from your shoes. The best way to remove gum from a car is using a hair dryer directed onto the stain. Make sure that you use low heat and press lightly as you go over the gum so that you don’t melt or burn your car’s paint job.

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