How To Remove A Glass Table Top From A Patio Table

If you are planning on building a new patio or having outside repairs done, remove the top of your existing patio table to make it easier to work on. Just be careful when removing the glass on these tables – they are heavy and could potentially damage your patio.

What to do with a broken glass table top

If you happen to break a glass table top and don’t want it in your yard, follow these few steps to get rid of the glass fragments. Not only will this save your back, it will also make for easy cleanup!
1. Lay torn pieces of white paper or a rag on your patio floor
2. Set up a video camera (preferably an external one) so you can capture images while mixing behind the patio furniture
3. Create a funnel with some folded newspaper or cardboard pieces
4. Fill the funnel with water and activate it by lighting a match on one side of it
5. Transport the wet mix into a blur jar
6. Use the jar’s opening to sift the broken glass through and discard any mixture that cannot be filtered

How to remove the glass from an outdoor patio table

Covering the table top with a $3 plastic bag was too time-consuming and didn’t cover all the edges, which meant that even though I covered it, some of the glass still ended up being exposed to water or bugs. When I got home, I followed this tip from LifeHacker and set up my patio table inside to finish removing the glass.

Tips for removing a broken glass tabletop

To remove a broken glass tabletop, you need to make sure that the area surrounding the top of the table is safe. Clean up any dirt or debris and tape off the edge with clear masking tape. Take your screwdriver and unscrew each piece individually using a firm grip on it. Now place the screws in something safe such as a can to wrap them in before tossing them out.

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