How To Remove Glock Magazine Floor Plate

If you want to learn how to remove a Glock magazine floor plate, then this is the right article for you! This particular piece of information concerns the G17 model of the Glock pistol.

What is a Glock Magazine Floor Plate?

The Glock magazine floor plate is a release catch for the magazine of a Glock pistol or subgun. It is used to remove the magazine from the grip and replace it. To perform this feature, depress the button on the back edge of the floor plate which you can do with your finger through an opening in the back side of it. The button will protrude slightly as you press it down and scrape along a raised rib on its interior.

How To Remove The Glock Magazine Floor Plate

The magazines of a Glock are highly trackable and, consequently, in high demand. Many thefts occur because individuals remove the magazine floor plate for use as scrap metal or to get one’s hands on any remaining ammo that is stowed away on the magazine itself. The first step in destroying the irreplaceable piece is taking out its pin so it can be removed from the handguard/barrel; this protrudes upward into the pistol grip of the weapon for several inches before angling forward. This takes time, since it involves undoing many latches and tabs other than just removing those four disassembly pins. If all these details are taken care of correctly, one careful disengagement at this point causes what feels like a load release, but abruptly releases the follower also so that it comes flying out quickly and without warning


If you’ve ever removed an unloaded Glock magazine from a cartridge capacity of 30 rounds to 40 rounds, you know the pain of having to remove those additional floor plates. These hard-plastic floor panels are easily removed.

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