How To Remove Hard Drive From Dell Computer

Remember the good old days before your hard drive started making clicking noises? Each week, we usually had to change where it was on the computer because of all the scratches it was accumulating. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about that pesky little noise anymore because of this cool tip!

What You Need

Whether you are moving your computer or decommissioning it, there are a few different items that you will need before you design your escape plan. You will need an optical lens if the drive has an external cover, a Phillips head screwdriver set, the power supply cord or power strip and a laptop sleeve.

How To Remove Dell Hard Drive

Dell computers often come with a hard drive pre-installed. If it doesn’t, then you are able to install the drive yourself or purchase an external drive. After doing either of those things, you must remove the hard drive from the computer. Removing a hard drive is easy because it’s only one screw holding it in place that can be removed easily by using a Phillips head screw driver, which small enough to fit on your keychain. Once the hard drive has been unplugged, it’s time to find which screws secure the hard drive and make sure you have everything needed for this clean up.


After removing the hard drive, it must be safely discarded in an appropriate area. Furthermore, if sensible security measures have been taken, any information stored on the hard drive can either be destroyed or easily deleted.

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