How To Remove Spray Paint Off Clothes

In a recent blog article about how to remove spray paint from surfaces, the author discusses removing paint from clothing. Here are some tips on how to safely and effectively remove wax and glue from your favorite pieces of clothing without harming the materials.

How to Remove Spray Paint Off Clothes

Spray paint can stain all kinds of fabric such as clothing, furniture, carpets and even walls but the best way to remove it is by using a product called Goo Gone. The key ingredient in this product is citric acid which dissolves the stain. Simply wet the fabric with hot water and apply the Goo Gone onto it. Avoid dripping the liquid on to any other surfaces because touching citrus with any other item may cause a reaction. For dry paint on fabrics, you’ll want to use white vinegar.

How to Remove Smoke Damage

You cannot use water to remove the white smokes which are caused by fires, cooking equipment, and most sometimes by smoke from malfunctioning electrical appliances. The best and least harmful method is toothpaste. However, it should be taken with care as it can make you wonder if your teeth will fall off as a side effect. Some users favor vinegar as a cleaner.

Pros and Cons of Using Natural Remedies

There are many options for getting paint off of clothing and rarely does one option work for everyone. This is because come natural remedies contain chemicals that are perfect for specific surfaces like windowpanes, metals, or waxed furniture. Spray paint that is made from a water-based solvent may be able create damage to the clothing when attempting to remove it with a natural remedy.


First of all, the best thing to do is buy a bottle of paint and stain remover. I recommend trying two different techniques before deciding which one you like the most. The first way is to soak the garment in a bowl with diluted bleach and water mixture (equal parts). Let it soak for ten minutes before rinsing it out with cool, running water. For a more thorough clean, try soaking the article of clothing in a bowl of hydrogen peroxide solution and then washing it on the hottest setting in your machine.

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