How To Remove Sin From Your Life

Religion has been a large part of society since long before the writings of the bible began. It has influenced everything from our history as a country to our interactions with one another, but many people view religion as something often outside their control. Here, further discussion on finding your relationship with religion and dealing with sin in a modern-day sense.

What is Sin?

Some refer to sin as doing what you should not be doing. However, Christianity has a more dramatic definition of sin. Sin can be described as anything that goes against God’s will for your life. Depending on your geography, church, or religion, some sins are more taboo than others such as committing murder, stealing, and fornication. Since there is no universal list of sins, this list will vary depending on the country you live in since sin can be morally relative.

What is the Purpose of Sin?

Sin can be defined as anything that makes you unhappy, dissatisfied, or disobedient towards somebody else. Sin hurts both the sinner and the person who is sinned against. Since we usually think of sin in light of religion, it can sometimes be difficult to understand because society has been clouded by god-fearing ideas such as heaven and hell. In order to really comprehend what “sin” means in this context, we have to look at it from a psychological perspective. Some people believe that sin is a personal struggle and that it all stems from our conscience or feeling of guilt, which then dictates how we feel about ourselves. There are others who believe that sin is something that we do without even knowing it, just like someone walking out a door and thinking about going for a stroll without ever realizing the time has passed and they’ve missed an appointment. However, it is safe to say most people both settle on these two reasons; either nobly fighting our demons or wretchedly unaware of them while they harm us. Distinguishing between when to pray versus draw back your gun could make you more adept at living day-to-day despite high chances of getting shot by your mistakes

What are the Types of Sin?

There are many kinds of sin. One type is the classic word sin of commission, or behavior. A deliberate act of wrongdoing against one’s own conscience, typically a sexual sin such as adultery, fornication, incest, or prostitution. Another type is a less obvious sort of sin that involves sins of omission which means anything you can imagine that you may have failed to do because you were too occupied by lesser things like salvation and growing in Christ. Another kind is the corrosive or undermining sin that seeks out any flaw within your life to transform it into your current reality.

How Do I Get Rid of Sin in My Life?

Sin is any behavior that violates God’s law. As a result, sin can affect many areas of your life, such as relationships with friends and family, work, and health. However, there are ways you can rid yourself of sinful habits and attitudes. One way to avoid temptation is by constantly confessing to God, who forgives all of our sins and removes the power of sin (1 John 1:9). You can also develop a plan that involves prayer, reflection on Bible verses (i.e. Psalm 51), accountability partners and meditation to help eliminate sin in your life.-PC


Sin is self-destructive to our health, our relationships, and our ability to live with peace. As Christians, we understand that spiritually speaking, we are sons and daughters of God who will inherit a landscape of liberation from suffering and slavery – freedom from the darkness of fear the enemy sows into people’s minds. We are continually called upon to take up the cross so that ours may be the “way that giveth life,” lighting a path for others to follow.

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