How To Remove Gum From Tile Floor

It’s not a question some have ever had to ponder – What does one do if their Tile floor has gum on it? This article will show you the best methods for getting rid of chewing gum from your tile floor.

What are the most common ways to remove gum from tile floor

It might be difficult to figure out what the best way is to remove gum from tile floor, but there are a variety of different methods. Many people recommend using a toothpick, razor blade, or cotton swab to gently scrape the sticky substance away. Other people support the use of an ice scraper and hot water as well as some powerful industrial grade cleaners.

What can be done if you cannot remove the gum yourself

Applying a thin coat of cooking oil or rubbing alcohol is the safest way to make your tile floor clean again. If you cannot remove the remains of your gum, we recommend using warm water and sodium bicarbonate or commercial grade degreasing solvent. Despite how much effort it may take, attempting to scrub the mess over and over is a bad idea.

What should be done after removing the gum

If the gum is a soft and malleable type, it can be removed with any type of nonabrasive detergent. Never use boiling water as severe burns can occur. For stiff and flexible gums, vacuum the floor to remove all residue, then wash the floor with soap and warm water until both stain and detergent are gone.

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