How To Remove Paint From Screen Door

If you have ever had to paint over a screen door in an older house, you know that painting is messy. This solution removes the need for a mess and produces an attractive finish without creating more work afterwards. Even if you don’t have permits for painting doors, this might be a solution that fits your needs.

Tips for removing paint from a screen door

Removing paint from screen doors can be difficult. Thankfully, there are a few tips that can save time and energy. You should use an aerosol paint stripper that is labeled for screens as well as hot water and salt for tough spots.


Scraping the paint off of a screen door is harder than it sounds. For my case, I didn’t want to spend hours scrubbing with a wire brush and so I used razor blades instead. You can use anything you have at hand like a nailbrush or carpet cleaner, but be careful because if you are too rough, you could even damage the glass door. Then I vacuumed up all the paint from the door frame and glass area before painting on a new coat. Make sure to use rust-proof primer because otherwise it can easily be rubbed off during spring time rain storms

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