How To Remove Eddie Bauer Car Seat Cover

If you’ve ever pulled up to your destination, looked down and horror struck because there in front of your car is a huge stain from some spill on the way there, splattering all over your pretty car seat cover, then you’re going to love this article. Learn how to remove an Eddie Bauer car seat cover in just three steps!

Why Eddie Bauer Car Seat Cover is difficult to remove

Eddie Bauer makes many car seat covers for cars that are tough to remove. The seat covers are designed in a way so that kids won’t constantly be moving them. Even though the fabric is comfortable, it can make it difficult to remove. It may also be equipped with several G-hooks or suction hooks that are meant to be permanent install solutions.

How To Remove Eddie Bauer Car Seat Cover

There are a few steps that must be followed in order to remove the cover. First, push the buttons on each side of the cover. The front button is located under the elastic which is sewn into the cover and won’t come off completely. Once you have pushed all of these buttons, the cover should loosen up enough for you to pull it off without fear of breaking anything. Second, some car seats have a reverse zipper on each side. If your car seat has this feature, make sure to pull up on both zippers at about the same time and give them a strong tug before continuing on with pulling your seat cover off with one hand and holding onto your car seat as not to drop it during removal..

What to use as a cleaner

Different materials are difficult to clean, and if you are attempting to clean a fabric-based seat, you should use a dry cleaner. Some other alternatives include rubbing the seat with sandpaper or using window cleaner. If you want to remove the staples from old seat covers, you can use a flathead screwdriver and a hammer.


An Eddie Bauer car seat cover can be removed easily. After finding the release tag, the cover should be pulled off the seathead quickly and slowly pull the cover away from it. The seat cover should come out of the fabric straps nicely without damaging them too much.

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