How To Remove Hard Drive From Dell Computer

Have you tried to remove your hard drive from a Dell computer? If you have struggled removing hard drives from Dell computers, this is something to watch out for when upgrading to a new computer.

What Happens If Your Hard Drive Fails?

If your hard drive failed, you should turn off the power of your computer immediately. It’s important to remember that most systems have a BIOS password that needs to be entered. In the event that you left the power on and are unable to enter the system BIOS, do not start any programs that could lead to irreparable damage. Remove any data from drives in case it gets corrupted during the removal process. If a hard drive is removed, it can usually be used as a new replacement.

How To Remove A Hard Drive From Your Dell Computer

Many consumers are unaware that Dell computers come equipped with hard drives. What you may not be aware of is the simple process to remove it. To do this, locate the hard drive on your computer and locate two rivets. One is on either side of the hard drive. Save them in case you want to take apart your monitor later. Pull back one end of the rivet slightly and give it a quick tug so both protruding ends will release simultaneously. You will then hear something pop and see an access hole in your Mac OSX computer’s casing. You can now insert the ejection slide from your old hard drive into this newly created opening and pull out your old hard drive without getting any new screws or broken nails or rocks in sharp corners where you never ever want them to go and also without ruining anything else in your computer by leaving behind little metal fragments of super sharp microscopic pointy-ness that I don’t even know what all caused yet but trust me it sucks because your machine might have been fun…

How to Install a New Hard Drive in a Dell Computer

To install a new hard drive in a Dell computer, you’ll need to first open the case of your computer. The screws that attach the front of the computer to the chassis are these:
Next, press your fingers on either side of this opening and feel for the edge. With a dull object, gradually separate these two plies until you hear them pop out of each other–this part can be tricky but just give it time.

The Different Parts of a Dell Power Supply

When removing a hard drive from a Dell desktop computer, it would be best to disconnect the power supply. After the hard drive is removed, remove all cables and screws related to the hard drive (HDD), then remove the metal bracket that holds it. To complete the process, you need to pull out each wire individually and move them carefully around so they don’t get caught with other wires. Once all of the cables have been detached from the motherboard, slide out the board and pop in a new one.

How To Replace a Power Cord on Dell Computers

It sounds like it’s the hour of your death. You’re humming along at work when suddenly you realize that everything blacks out, freezing in place. The blinking cursor is sitting there, trapped in time, waiting for you to move a single finger and make life’s return full-speed again. That sounds like computer hell right now, doesn’t it? We know how stressful work can be sometimes, but it doesn’t have to end so badly. Here are a few tips on how to remove hard drive from Dell computers.

What To Do If My Computer Won’t Boot

If your computer won’t boot up, the first thing to remember is that a simple reset can resolve most issues. This may be possible after some trial and error, but it’s best to hear back from Dell tech support before attempting those exact steps. There are other ways that you can try removing your hard drive if the computer cannot load anything at this point.


The hard drive is the most important component of a computer, giving the machine its very life force. So, when you are thinking of removing it entirely or just replacing the old one with a new one, remember that this is an irreversible process where you can’t undo.

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