How To Remove Adhesive Stickers From Bathtub

This is the perfect time to find out how to remove adhesive stickers from your bathtub! Just follow these steps and you’ll be washing away sticky issues before you know it!

What are the different types of adhesive stickers?

Stickers can get stuck on just about anything depending on the situation but adhesive stickers are the easiest to remove. There are three types: peeling, swallowing, and contact. They will reveal the materials underneath like paint and metal so it’s best to examine a sticker before removing to see what type you are working with. Peeling stickers contain a layer of an easily removed backing that allows them to peel right off. Swallowing stickers have a sticky film applied directly to the surface of the tile which is also peeled off when they come into contact with water. Contact stickers stick through thin layers onto ceilings, outdoor surfaces, wallpaper, or objects made of various materials that can be removed.

How to remove adhesive labels

It is best to soak the label in vinegar before removing it. Once the label has been soaked, use a skill saw or razor blade to cut it off of the wall. Clean last adhesive marks with a stamp cleaner, and wipe away any residue using the spray cleaner included in your kit.

How does digital removal work?

Part of becoming more environmentally friendly means not trying to use next-to-nothing methods on your everyday household items. Instead, try one of the recent methods for removing adhesive stickers.

How do I use the cleaning solution?

First, add the cleaning liquid to the container. Next, soak the area around the sticker with baking soda. Leave that to dry for at least half and hour before flushing it down the toilet. Wait more than five minutes before removing the sticker by simply pressing down on it as if you were applying pressure.


When you have finished removing the adhesive from your bathtub, you will be left with a sinkhole in the middle of your tub. This can be dried out, and then filled back in with some new concrete or mortar as a foundation.

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