How To Remove An Ink Stain From Purse Liner

If you’re familiar with handbags, then you know that they can get really dirty really fast. However, most stains will come off of purse liners just like a dream! Learn how to tackle ink stains in this article.

What Items To Use When Removing An Ink Stain From A Purse

To properly remove an ink stain from a purse, all one needs is vanaspati and a piece of white cloth. The vanaspati that can be purchased in India, is made of rice flour. One must whip it up with either water or milk to form a paste. By applying the paste, the stain will blend into the fabric.

Tools Needed For The Job

To remove stains from a purse, any of the following tools will work.
Q-tip: Used to lift up fibers on the nylon or polyester surface.
Small metal spatula: Can be used for lifting fibers and using a metal scraper for scraping away stubborn stains on surfaces like suede, leather, or vinyl.
Tape alligator: Gathers tiny particles and dirt from fabric, sopping up spilled liquid with ease and effortlessly.

What Items To Avoid When Removing An Ink Stain

When using laundry detergent to remove an ink stain on a purse liner, it is important to use the right type of detergent and avoid other items that could possibly contaminate the fabric. The type of soap clothes require can sometimes be listed on the label, but if not, it may be effervescent, both upper and lower case letters like this:

Follow Up Tips After The Job is Done

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to forget about Stain Help. Sometimes, waiting 24 hours can make all the difference in the world. And sometimes, it’s not just a question of waiting. Sometimes you’re actually already wearing something on your body, and there’s no air-conditioning or remedy in sight. So what do you do?

How To Remove An Ink Stain From A Jersey

If you spill a drink on your purse, it can be tricky to get the ink out of your favorite jersey. To remove the ink from your bag edge, soak the stain in white vinegar for an hour. If you don’t have white vinegar, then try using lemon juice.
After an hour, run hot water and a bit of dish soap over the spot, then scrub roughly with your fingers until no image remains.
Remove any water damage right away by sponging the spot with a drop or two in cold water. Once it’s no longer saturated with water, blot it gently with paper towels or let it air dry to avoid wrinkles.


A lot of people have ink stains on the lining inside their purse because it’s too easy to cheap out and put a pen away without cleaning it up. However, if you want to remove the ink stain, you will need to try a couple different solutions. You can use rubylovate and beets to start your stain scrubbing process.

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