How To Remove Dog Smell From Vacuum

If you’ve struggled to remove dog smell from your vacuum chamber, you may have finally found the solution.

Important considerations when cleaning a vacuum

Training your dog can be the best thing you do, but accidents will happen. The very best thing you can do after that is to make sure that your vacuum has been thoroughly cleaned. This means following all manufacturer instructions, wiping the outside of it down, and then spraying it with a pet odor eliminator solution before putting it away.

How to remove dog smell from a vacuum

Unfortunately, the smell of your pet is just not something that you can remove by washing the vacuum cleaner. There are some ways to use vinegar and baking soda to make your vacuum cleaner more naturally fragrant. You can also try to use a simple cream rinse if you feel that you’re getting sick of the smell yourself.

Steps to follow in removing the smell of dogs from a vacuum cleaner

Getting rid of dog smell from a vacuum is not impossible. This can be done by following these simple steps. Blow into the vent tube, fire up the machine and shake it a little bit. Turn it off for at least three or four hours after removing the cover from the motor. Add baking powder to the bags and put them in for at least one hour before you remove them. Lastly, clean off dirt on filter with soapy water

Other ways to have your vacuum smell fresher

Different strategies to get rid of dog smell from your vacuum? Many times, people will choose clean it manually with water and detergent. They would cover the canister that separates the dirt bag from motor-bearing parts, run the vacuum while simultaneously undoing and redoing unrollable layer on its hose that sucks up dog hair to remove dog smell as well as cushions over them before rehanging them.


The reason why the dog smell lingers on the carpet is because dogs are living creatures and their bodies leave behind a natural musk. These scents can easily become nauseating to housemates and must be eliminated before the area can be lived in.

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