How To Remove Ash Tones From Hair

Ever found yourself frantically scrubbing your fingertips across the highly reflective surface of a ring, searching for that telltale streak of gray that telegraphs the ash-toned tresses under your nails? Not only is ash a giveaway from reaching for a super-mulch takeout, but in many instances–from silver jewelry to porcelain f…

What Causes Ash Tones in Hair?

The most common cause of ash tones in hair is when someone’s been sunning themselves too long. The excessive UV rays fade the natural hair color and also any applied color and can cause the beautiful shade of your mane to go dull. One solution many people use is to use a color-safe shampoo to remove the ash tone or fading from their mane.

How to Remove Ash Tones From Hair

Getting rid of the stark lines between colors in your hair can be very challenging. One thing you can do is to use a clarifying shampoo that has strawberries and honey. The natural extracts from the favorite fruit and plant will help cleanse your scalp and remove some of the ash tones present in hair. Using a high-quality comb, work through your hair before rinsing with cool water. Once all traces of shampoo are removed, condition the hair using a coconut oil based mask. It just might take over an hour to achieve this lavender shade perfection.

Best Products for Removing Ash Tones

Ash dyes can be hard on the hair and lead to many other problems, including ash tones. Ash anodizing can lead to problems in terms of hair loss. The best way to remove these ash tones is through a professional or with the help of certain home remedies. Otherwise, there are certain products that are available so that your hair can stop feeling damaged and look damage-free


To remove the sharp shadows and grey tones in your hair, you can apply a layer of conditioner. After you apply some, comb it through to even out the color before applying a shine serum. If the problem persists, try taking an over-the-counter pain reliever to avoid inflammation and hair loss. You can also massage OTC lavender oil into wet or dry hair for better and frizz-free results at home.

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