How To Remove Nails From Hardwood Floors

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Why Is It Difficult?

Removing the nails from hardwood floors can be difficult because the wood is very dense and hard. If you soak the wood with an oil-based wood finish, you will find that your nail has no place to grip and it becomes more difficult to remove. When using a pry bar, try to put minimal pressure on the nail. This can help separate it from the base of your board so that when you go in to pull, it comes out easier.

Different Ways to Remove Nails

There are many ways to remove nails form a hardwood floor, but all of these methods require a lot of time, elbow grease, and patience. If you don’t want to spend any time on this task, you may not be able to pull up the carpet and get underneath it. One method is by opening the pail lid while standing on your knees. Another way is to wrap a long strand of poly string around one of the nails so that you can use your foot like a pulley when pulling it out in one quick motion. Lastly, using a pair of pliers placed where there is no wood below can make it easier to remove the nail.

Solutions From The Pros

When attempting to remove an errant nail from a hardwood floor, it is important not to use tools that might scratch or dent the floor. It is better to locate another nail to build up on before pulling out the first one. In addition, if you cannot locate something with a long enough handle to get leverage, you should pick up the piece of furniture in your hand and wrap the block of wood around it. Blacksmith tools can also be lifesavers when trying to pull nails from hardwood floors – just make sure they don’t damage the surface.

How To Give Your Hardwood Floor a Fresh Look

When you take the time to give your hardwood floor a good scrub, you’ll notice that it will look much better than before. In order to clean the floors even better, there are several things you should do. You should have a bucket of warm water and detergent available in case you need to mop or wash the floors. You should never use baking soda when cleaning your floors because it leaves behind a residue that can leave stains over time. You also shouldn’t use chemical cleaners on the floors because they could make the floorboards delaminate over time.

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