How To Remove Trunk Lid Liner

A car trunk lid is such an unsightly mess when not properly covered. We have all seen the leaks or swaths of wet, dirty, or rusty-smelling liners littering the ground as they’ve been ripped out in a rush by reckless landfills and those seeking free garbage. Has this ever happened to you before? It’s no wonder most people opt to stick the used condom wrapper receiving bag on top of their carefully coiled spare tire just like magic will make it disappear.


You are in need of a trunk liner if you own a Tesla but do not have one. These two pieces will help keep your trunk organized and protect your back seat from dirt and dust during road trips. Depending on the model, this process can vary, so read at the end for instructions for your particular vehicle.

What is a Trunk Lid Liner?

A trunk lid liner is a type of fabric that sits on top of car trunk lid and extends around the edges so that dirt and particles do not blow into the trunk. The liner also acts as protection for the car’s interior from heat radiating from the engine compartment. When shopping for a fitting you should make sure it is approved by your owner’s manual or vehicle manufacturer to avoid misunderstandings when driving.

How to remove the Trunk Lid Liner

You might be very careful about making sure that your Buick Regal trunk doesn’t get scratched. If you’re concerned, then the options for covering your car’s trunk lid are numerous. For starters, there’s always the traditional garbage bag and duct tape to prevent scratching while transporting items.

Guidelines on how to remove Trunk Lid Liners

Most trunk lids are either made of ABS plastics, or textured plastic faux leather type materials that you can remove by cutting around the edges then sucking out all the air. The lid liner is useful for hiding messy and dirty items from your car from several uses, such as:
-Food storage
-Organization of smaller items like clothing and books
-Hiding trash

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