How To Remove Super Glue From Formica Countertop

All we want at some point or another is for our house and office to be in perfect shape. Our houses should be neat and tidy, there should not be any disruptive stains on the floor and tables, and there needs to be no random objects jarringly laying around either! Unfortunately, cleaning up a sink full of sticky goo during a routine kitchen cleanup can truly ruin the mood, so here are four methods on how to remove super glue from Formica countertops without ruining the surface with abrasive action.

What is Super Glue?

Super glue is a water-resistant type of adhesive that people commonly use to stick things together. It is just as sticky as regular cement and it is really hard to get off anything once you have applied it. One of the easiest ways to remove the glue is with acetone, which many people regard as a dangerous substance, especially for those who haven’t used it before. Before doing anything else, make sure you buy some acetone and that you do this in an area that makes evacuation easy if something goes wrong. Mind your surroundings when creating a workspace.

How To Remove Super Glue?

Super glue can be found in most homes. It can be used to attach several surfaces together, like a glass knob to a piece of furniture. If you have an accident and you get super glue on your Formica countertop, follow these steps to remove the glue. Apply a tiny dot of white vinegar on the area where the super glue is located, wait 30 seconds for it to seep into the spot and then wipe away with a cloth. Use a nail-polish remover pen or tool to scrape off offending goo from the Formica surface.

What are the Causes of Super Glue Problems?

Super glue is an amazing adhesive and at times necessary, whether that be in the garden or around your home. Unfortunately, super glue doesn’t always stick to its intended surface like it is supposed to and can create a mess when left on certain surfaces. There are some causes of this, such as improperly cleaned surfaces or surfaces too cold for the glue to melt. In these cases you may consider using nail polish remover, but be aware that this can sometimes remove too much material from the surface and you may need a new one all together.

Important Safety Precautions

Super glue can be an extremely useful adhesive, but it takes a lot of force to pull it from the underlay on some types of countertops. The best way to remove super glue from formica is by using mineral spirits or gasoline. Always wear safety goggles and rubber gloves when removing super glue, especially on the countertops. You will also need a cutting wheel or knife to scrape off any remaining glue.


In conclusion, normal dish soap is not a viable solution or will result in cracking the Formica surface. To remove water-soluble materials like super glue and glycerine, boiling water needs to be used or apply a citrus degreaser that has bleach in it.

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