How To Remove Coffee Stains From Stone Coasters

If you have coffee mugs that you wish to keep for a long time, place them inside another smaller bowl and pour some warm water over it to help sanitize.

How To Remove Coffee Stains From Stone Coasters

Stone coasters must be cleaned to maintain their beauty and make them last. Making clumps of the coffee grounds with a broomstick then brushing them away can get rid of coffee stains. Chip Your Coffee Stone Coaster is another safe option that removes stains without risking damaging the surface. After cleaning, de-siprinate the coaster with a natural soap or put it in the dishwasher for frequent use.

Why some stones absorb the coffee stains better

Stone coasters can get coffee stains, more so than other types of decorative stones. For extraction and prevention, use boiled water. Boil it with some sugar in a shallow pan over low heat. Instead of immediately washing off your stone, make sure that the heat has been adequately transferred to the stain(s). Continue boiling it for around five minutes (or even longer where needed), stirring occasionally. After you are done cleaning the coasters, wash them thoroughly with cold water or similar liquid.

How To Remove Coffee Stains From Stone Coasters

For those of you who love coffee, you know that sometimes accidents happen, and it can stain stone coasters. The solution is simple and easy to do. Just take a boiling pot of water and let the stones soak in it for thirty minutes. After they have soaked, place them back on the metal plate-top so that they can dry out.

What tools do you need?

This is where you should begin applying the dry, white powder. Once you dust some of the powder on it should be much easier to rub away residue. When you’re done, wipe your fingertips again with a paper towel and a cloth, then squeeze out any excess liquid that remains.

Basic tips for removing coffee stains

Although these stone coasters have withstood the test of time, coffee has been a challenge which is why Stone-ware offers a variety of ways to remove coffee stains from wooden plates and holders.

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