How To Remove Stuck Snow Blower Wheel

Snow is common in the North, and slushy snow can cause a real hassle sometimes. Luckily, stuck snow blower wheels aren’t always a big issue – here’s how to remove your rusted or frozen dust collector with ease!

Removing a snow blower wheel

There are times when an ice block, poorly secured lug nuts, or a person that has fallen near your snow blower wheel can obstruct it. When this happens, most people would use a shovel to dislodge the obstruction and remove it from the machine. This is much safer than trying to turn the shaft under the weight of the 80 pounds of rotating steel and motors. Instead, grab a strap wrench (the part with five slots) and place it on any of the five points where you can see that there is no obstruction. Twist firmly in each direction until you feel it pop off. If you can’t remove either side without injury, try dragging them across the snow, cement, or concrete to attempt to break them free from those surfaces.

What to do after removing a stuck snow blower wheel

What do you do after you’ve removed the stuck snow blower wheel? Assuming that the wheels did unscrew and came out when the snow thrower was turned over, store it with the flat side up. Put something heavy on top to keep it propped up so the grease doesn’t spill.

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