How To Remove A Steering Wheel Lock

You know how terrifying it is when you are on the road and see someone pull up next to you with their car trunk popped open. This article takes a walkthrough of how to remove a steering wheel lock from your vehicle if you’re ever forced into this type of surreal situation.

Remove the lock

Breaking the steering wheel lock is a task that requires the power of bolt cutters. This is more difficult to do than it may seem when an enthusiast is looking at a locked steering wheel and trying to find a way to remove it. The first step in breaking the lock is checking if any keys are hidden on the car. If there are, make sure they will open the lock system before spending all your resources in either breaking the metal casing or finding a wire cutter.

Clean out the dirt

Getting a steering wheel lock stuck in your car is not only annoying, but can be hazardous. To remove the steering wheel lock and ensure you don’t have this issue again, you will need to clean out the dirt that has accumulated around it. Grab hold of your steering wheel, then turn it slightly in either direction and try pulling straight off the top of the steering column. If this doesn’t work, use a scraper to help dislodge the lock from its place before finally prying it off with your hands or an instrument

Replace the lock

If your steering wheel is locked you can try the following to unlock it: Take your car keys and insert into slot in the steering column is located near the front of the driver side airbag. Banging nearby key fob on a hard surface should also cause the steering to unlock.

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