How To Remove Kohls Security Tags From Clothing

If you have ever tried to get clothes from a store, that are covered in those retail security tags, it is no surprise after all! It can be incredibly frustrating, amateur-looking and unpractical. Finally, you found the solution: an app for removing those pesky tags for good!

Kohls Tags

Kohls security tags are made of sturdy plastic and are difficult to remove, but not impossible. Here’s how you can easily remove the security tags from clothing: 1) Place the garment in a bowl and cover it with cold water. 2) Soak clothing with dish detergent (dawn soap is usually the recommended detergent). 3) Boil cooking oil until hot and pour over soaked clothing. Rinse off clothes after oil contacts them then dry them with clean towels or paper towels.

Security Tags

Security tags can be found on a variety of products, furniture, clothing, and electronics in retail stores. Once you find such a tag, it is up to you whether you want to cut the ties that are holding it down, pull them off without damaging the article of clothing, or remove the whole tag.

How To Remove Security Tags From Clothing

To ensure that you’re wearing the correct size shirt, tie, or belt- no matter how many times you change sizes- it’s best to invest in security tags. These tags typically come with a pin at the top and a loop at the bottom to hold onto your clothing. They’re relatively easy to remove for anyone with a steady hand and decent aim. Simply grasp the tag, pull down firmly, and remove it from the garment. Don’t forget to pinch out the pieces left in the fabric!

Brands That Offer Secure Clothing

There are a lot of brands that offer clothing that secure your belongings. Lululemon has a low-level tracking sensor on all clothing to keep them secure and prevent anyone from taking them. Designer jeans company Calvin Klein also offers a personalized secure key that unlocks your jeans with the touch of your smartphone case.


Security tags can be found on most clothing these days. To remove them, you will need to use a seam ripper and get at the inside of the tag. This should be done as quickly as possible so that the clothes don’t get damaged in any way. Next, clip off the sleeves of your top or shirt and use those sleeves to stick out through the bottom of your top or shirt. With the plastic lining that is attached to that plastic sleeve, you can then slide it under the security tag and up against itself. Once up around the shirt sleeve, take two pieces of scrap fabric used by your shirt and gently tie them together at each other’s tips.

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