How To Remove Powerbear Case

Did you catch the slimy, filthy urchin stealing your powerbear case? Get rid of it immediately and watch him shriek in terror!

How to remove the Powerbear Case

Powerbear Large Protector case can be removed without any tools. First, peel off the back of the case with your hands. Next, pull the top and bottom flap from the front cover and remove it from the provided tabs. The last step is to clear any stray pieces of rubber or plastic from inside of the case.

What does the Powerbear Case look like?

The Powerbear case by MoKo is designed like a floating bear and is resistant to breaking or scratching. It offers 100% fair purchase satisfaction that your Amazon cover usually doesn’t. This design also offers comfortable grip, so you’ll never find yourself dropping the case in different areas, even with all the pockets it has. Its hard plastic exterior can also offer moderate impact protection for minor drops and bumps along the way.

Dangers of trying to remove your phone case without a tool

The iPhone case is a convenient item we often use to keep our iPhone safer. However, if you have tried removing your case and left the residue behind, you may be in for some serious trouble. Removing the powerbear case without a mechanic can cause issues such as cracking your screen, peeling up the plastic on the back cover, and possibly more severe damages which you would be responsible for fixing.

A couple ways to remove the case without breaking it

The Powerbear case is usually hard to remove as it sticks really well due to all the glue. There are a couple different ways that people have found, including just using your hands and pulling. Another way to remove the case without breaking it is by using an industrial cutter tool. You simply have to cut the entire phone out of the case, making sure not to go too deep and damage the phone itself.

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