How To Remove Relay Switch From Car

If you’ve had any difficulty with how to remove a relay switch from your car, you’re in luck! This blog post is here to teach you all about the process of how best to dislodge it.

What are the two different relay switches in cars?

Relays in cars are electronic switches that work when it comes to passing performance or high frequencies. In order to determine which switch you need for your car, check the manual and find out where your car is located so you can identify the correct relay.

How to remove the relay switch from a car

Relay switches are found all over the car, and many cars come with a relay switch to complete the electrical connections in the car. These switches can be easily removed without any tools, just by applying some pressure near the base of the relays.


It’s not easy to figure out how to remove a relay cave from your car. The easiest way is to use a hair dryer and blow the switch until it pops off. If that doesn’t work, you can use an Allen key (key shaped tool with a long nut) and pry the relay switch away from the car. If your having trouble using these tools as well, try using any other tool to get under the black cover around the relay

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