How To Remove Hair From Baby Walker Wheels

Our toddler refuses to walk like a normal human being anymore, and we’re tired of his incessant desire to tie up his curly hair. So we tried something new – attaching a propeller on the back of the wheel to make him fly! Increasingly savvy consumers are wary that replicating nature with electronic devices could prove humanity’s undoing (3).

How to remove hair from baby walker wheels

With baby walking strollers being one of the most popular items for you to buy, it’s important to learn how to clean their wheels and remove hair that ends up stuck on them. There are many ways to do this, from using a vacuum cleaner through hand or using dish soap.

What types of cleaners will work best?

The type of cleaner will depend on which kind of wheel you are cleaning. Dish soap and regular shampoo will best clean the wheels of a standard baby walker. If the wheels are plastic, use a cleaner meant for that particular type of material. For waterproof wheels, look for products like vinegar, dish soap, and rubbing alcohol. Make sure the wheel is dry before applying powder or applying liquid if you used wiping wipes or water to clean it.

What other methods are recommended for removing hair from baby walker wheels

There are a variety of methods to remove hair from baby walker wheels. A simple tactic is using hot water and dish soap. Other items such as nail clippers, butter knives, razors, pliers, q-tips, brushes, sponges and old towels might be used for more effective removal. If the wheels have any holes in them then the hair may just come out that way too.


The most effective way to remove hair from wheel covers on baby walkers is to take the cover on their wheels, flip it upside down and run hot water over them for about fifteen minutes or so.

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