How To Remove Coffee Stains From Stone Coasters

The title of the blog article is “How To Remove Coffee Stains From Stone Coasters.” The article will provide helpful tips for getting rusty spots off.

What You’ll Need

You’ll need a damp rag, toothbrush, 5 minutes, and soapy water. The method to clean the coasters is to start at the base of the coaster where coffee has seeped into it. Once you’re there, firmly brush your thumb in circular motions over the coffee stains. Next, introduce soap into your circles and continue with as many firm circles as you can create on the coaster. After that, you are going to want a wet rag just like from before but with care to capture more of the coffee stains on the coaster for easier removal but not too much water on top of them and allow them to air dry.

How To Remove the Stains

Coffee stains can ruin a Stone Coaster. That’s why removing these stains correctly is the key to maintaining your cozy balance between functionality and design. For those of you who prefer a fresh, clean look for your coasters, take a step back in time by doing a modern-day throwback cleaning: soak in hydrogen peroxide for about three minutes, scrub with rubbing alcohol, and rinse with clear water. Enjoy!


To remove coffee stains, soak coasters in a solution of warm water and homemade bleach.

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