How To Remove Speedometer Cable From Instrument Cluster

It seems every time I try to work on some car repairs, I just end up making them worse. If you’ve ever tried fixing something by yourself and ended up running into so many difficulties that you gave up halfway through, this tutorial is a great way to stop feeling like yesterday’s puzzle.

What Tool to Use

Speedometers are a sensitive component in your car that can become disconnected or broken. In order to keep your car safe when driving and for emissions, delicate parts of the speedometer must be removed. Fortunately, there is an easy solution that only takes a few minutes. To remove the speedometer from its clip on the back of the dash, a flat-head screwdriver is one tool that would work best for this task.

Steps for Removing the Speedometer Cable

There are several steps for removing a speedometer cable from the instrument cluster. First, you should start by disconnecting the negative battery terminal from that truck and making sure it is clean. There needs to be no dirt particles filling in between the capillary tube and the washer. You should also make sure that the threading of the connector fits between the tube’s axial bore and bell extraction at tightness levels of 3N/4 in-lbs or less.
This is a short description about how to remove a speedometer cable at home without spending $50 with an automotive business


Speedometer cables are strong and stiff. To break it without damaging the instrument cluster, you have to yank on it forcefully. Stiffness means that a speed cable can take some bending before breaking. You can bend it to a position where one part of the cable gets caught in another part. Once this happens, the cables will snap together. So make sure not to let them get tangled!

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