How To Remove Bearings From Scooter Wheels

The wheels of your scooter are easily accessible and easy to remove. Follow these directions if you want to replace the bearings on your wheels, or fix the ones that need fixing.

What To Do When A Bearing Comes Out Of The Scooter Wheel

If your Scooter’s wheel is loose and you are not sure what to do about the loose wheel, it is time to remove its bearings. To add bearings to your wheel, grab one that has a tightly packed wheel from the pile of ones at the front of the shop. You will use this bearing for lining up with the same diameter on your wheel, too. Line both bearings up with each other and use a carpenter’s nail as an easy way to pound them into place.

How to Remove Bearings From Scooter Wheels

The most simple ways to remove bearings from scooter wheels are to:
– Pry the wheel off with a screwdriver.
– Thread a small bolt between the two center backs of the wheel and unscrew it with a wrench (use a socket).
– Press down on each of the ball bearings, then push outward on the spacer before pulling out. Be careful not to yank too hard when doing this because it might force the bearing back into your hand.

Fixing a Broken Bearing

Bearings are typically removed by taking the nut off and then unscrewing the bearing. Angles need to also be used if removal is difficult or you cannot pull the bearings out.

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