How To Remove Glock Magazine Floor Plate

In almost every marine shooting enthusiast’s stock setup, there is a Glock magazine with a removable floor plate that helps keep the carrier hooked on. This article goes in-depth on how to remove yours!

Glock Magazine Floor Plate Removal

You can remove a Glock magazine floor plate in one of several ways. One way is to use the right flathead screwdriver and some household oil to make up for grip-strength. This method may only work temporarily, but it is effective at the end of the day. Another way is by using a pair of tweezers with precision grips to carefully grasp either side of the floor plate and pull quickly and evenly.


Disassembling a Glock is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. There are some positives that come with doing this such as being able to clean the chamber and barrel, modifying the gun for different uses, and taking the magazine and converting it into a drum magazine. One negative of disassembling this weapon is that there is more leeway for jams.

Compare and Contrast

Glock magazines allow the gun to be reloaded quickly and they also provide more than one bullet. Much of Glocks, however, work on a tilt and lock method that can be difficult to remove. If you choose not to go through the process of selecting your magazine, take a closer look at the way it locks up and you’ll soon find it isn’t as difficult as you first thought.

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