How To Remove Paint From Screen Door

Screen doors are essential for keeping your pets and even children out of the backyard. One of the best parts about them is how seamless they fit into any home decor. Measuring twenty-one inches wide and thirty-seven inches high when closed, screen doors are a popular choice for many homeowners.

Exterior paint removal

Screen doors are an economical way to try and keep your home screen from marring and mildewing. However, the paint from screen doors makes it more difficult to clean. Always make sure that you have plenty of water and paper towels before attempting any type of painting projects.

Interior paint removal

Removing the paint from a screen door can be tricky. It would not be wise to try to remove paint on your own as this may result in damage to the siding of your house. Depending on what you’re using to remove the paint, you may need specific procedures. For example, if you are scraping away at the paint with metal scrapers, it will require more effort so it should first be primed and allowed to dry.


Some parts of your screen door may be painted on. To remove it, gently clean the paint off with a damp cloth. If any paint hangs onto a wire or the perimeter of the frame, use rubbing alcohol to try removing it carefully with a cotton swab or a cigarette paper. Don’t worry if there is some residual paint left over–you can touch it up later if you’re careful.


First, that is some doable work it is also not something easily achieved with inexpensive equipment. You will need a ton of elbow grease and razor blades to get the job done correctly.

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