How To Remove Pinion Bearing Without Damage

It is important to wear the proper safety gear when performing different tasks around your house or job, and in this article, we will be discussing how to remove a pinion bearing without having to damage the vehicle. With the proper supplies and precautions, you can save your car’s engine and prevent a much premature failure.

Remove Pinion Bearing

A pinion bearing is the outer ring that helps the gearbox in an engine rotate. It can be removed without causing any damage to the transmission by undoing a series of bolts and then slowly pulling it off.

Use Special Tools to Remove Pinion Bearing

It is not always easy to take out the gear box without damage. In fact, it can be hard for anyone to remove the pinion bearing without being harmed. To avoid this potential problem, one should use a special set of tools that are made for removal of gears such as Griots Garage Professional Gear Removal Tool Set.

Disconnect the Clutch and Put on a New One

The pinion bearing carries the engine’s power to the wheels. As such, it wears out over time. To fix this problem you must first disconnect the clutch and put on a new one while still in reverse gear. You should also ensure that you disconnect all wires connected to the solenoid just in case they are damaged when removing the bearing.

Reinstall the Clutch

Computer guided Clutch need to have an accurate fit before putting it back onto the pulley.

Recommendations for Installing Difficult Pinion Bearings

Difficult pinion bearings usually require a stronger pull to remove. Many recommend that torque should be reduced by 30 percent. Lesser force is typically all it takes and pinion bearing comes out easily.

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