How To Remove Haze From Laminate Floors

Many people in search of a quick and easy way to remove haze that reportedly appears on laminate flooring. After waiting for 20 minutes with a bowl of vinegar, the instructions do mention that “sometimes we need to revisit”. The article goes into detail explaining how you can remove it from other surfaces as well.

What causes haze

How to remove haze from laminate floors

A haze on your laminate floor can be a symptom of different issues. If you don’t have a sealant, dust will gather and eventually leave behind a fine film on the floor. You may also have had water leaking onto your floor that left muddy streaks. To clean this mess up, start with vacuuming the floor and wet towels before mopping it with water.

What can I do with residual haze?

You can remove residual haze from laminate floors with a mixture of 3/2 white vinegar and 1/2 water. Don’t use abrasive cleaners because they can scratch the surface. Use kitchen sponges to wipe up residue until the floor is fresh smelling, looking, and feeling.


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I believe that clouding vinyl floors, due to age and improper care is inevitable.

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